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Blessings of Deliverance

Thoughts by Pastor Brad...

Charles Spurgeon shares in this devotion; “The pilgrims dig the well, but, strange enough, it fills from the top instead of the bottom. We use the means, but the blessing does not spring from the means. We dig a well, but heaven fills it with rain. The horse is prepared against the day of battle, but safety is of the Lord.” Are you allowing heaven’s blessings to fill your life today? The battle belongs to the Lord and He will deliver you from any sin, any difficulty, if you would only give it over to Him! People who get caught in quicksand sink more rapidly the more they struggle on their own to get out. God is the one with the strong branch to pull us out of the trials in our lives. Stop trying to fix yourself and all your problems. Surrender to the Lord and He will deliver you by His right arm today.