A Mother’s Impact on a Nation

Hanna could not have a child and she went to the Lord at Shiloh and prayed for a son that she would dedicate to the Lord’s work in the tabernacle after he was weaned.  God answered Hanna’s prayer and she gave birth to her one and only son Samuel who was given to Eli and the tabernacle ministry at a young age.  God opened Hanna’s womb with more children but Samuel grew up to be a great champion for God in Israel.  He led the people out of the roller coaster ride of the judges and into harmony with God.  Samuel judged Israel, ministered at the tabernacle with the sacrifices, and even led God’s army into battle for complete victory.

The impact of a mother on her children for eternity is powerful.  I want to thank the mothers and women for all the dedication in raising up spiritual champions for the Lord.  I challenge mothers and grandmothers to daily dedicate your lives to the Lord like Hanna so that He can give you the wisdom, patience, and power to raise up an army that will finish the work on this earth and usher the second coming of Jesus Christ!