Gideon’s Strength in Weakness

The Lord called Gideon from out of a wine press where he was hiding from the Midianites and threshing grain to lead 300 men to conquer thousands of enemy soldiers with lamps and horns! Along this short journey, God needed to show Gideon some signs like the fleece outside his tent not once but twice! The Lord even allowed Gideon to find encouragement from the conversation of two enemy soldiers talking about a dream and their fear of the God of the Israelites.

God understood Gideon in all of his weakness but still called him to lead Israel to victory over their enemies. What is God calling you to do today? Are you in the pit like Gideon hiding from people or even your own problems? Listen to the voice of the Lord. He will not only pull you out of the pit of despair but show you signs and direction for your well being and His glory. Trust in the Lord and He will never fail you.