Downtime with God

The book of Genesis tells the story of Isaac who was meditating in the fields when Abraham’s servant came back with Rebecca.  I wonder what Isaac what meditating on?  The loss of his mother, the desire for female companionship?  There was much for Isaac to contemplate, but I believe that his focus was in conversation with the Lord.  Isaac watched his father Abraham’s faith.  He laid himself on the altar on Mount Moriah willing to be the sacrifice before the ram was found in the briars.  Now God listened to Isaac’s prayers and provided Rebecca as a wife and companion to his lonely heart.  What do you meditate on?  Where is your focus in those moments of solitude?  It’s good to have outlets from the daily grind of life and I encourage everyone to have healthy hobbies and interests.  Yet we must not forget to spend down time with God and listen for his still, small voice of comfort.  He will answer our prayers, speak into our hearts, and bring us peace if we would only take the time to listen.   Down time with God brings lifts our spirits up to heaven.