Salvation in Troubled Waters

In the book of Acts, the apostle Paul told the ship captain and the guard of the prisoners to stay in the port of Fair Havens for the winter, but his counsel was rejected.  The ship encounter a northeastern storm that was so severe that everyone thought they were going to die.  Paul reprimanded the men for not listening to his counsel, but gave them hope in the vision God gave that none would lose their lives as long as they stayed on the ship.  Paul encouraged the men on the ship to eat after 14 days of turbulence and told the captain not to allow them men on the life boats.  The ship ran aground on the shores of the island of Malta and not one person was lost!

The key to survival for the people on Paul’s ship was following God’s counsel.  The ship was the vehicle of salvation just as the Ark was for Noah and his family during the flood.  Both of these are symbols of our salvation in Jesus Christ.  He is our Ark of salvation, the ship of comfort even when our human reasoning tells us to go on our own with the life boat of human reasoning.  Trust in the Lord, stay in the ship of His salvation, and God will give you the ability to break bread with those who need Him even when your own storms seem to be insurmountable. 

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