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It Takes One to Grow One

Thoughts by Pastor Brad...

The gospel commission in Matthew 28:19 begins by saying, Go, therefore, and make disciples of all the nations.  Oswald Chambers comments on this passage by simply saying; “You cannot make disciples unless you are a disciple yourself.”  Many make excuses by saying that it is for ministers and evangelists.  The Bible is clear that we are all called to make disciples just as Jesus did with the 12.  These disciples spent over three years with the Master and then became apostles or envoys of the gospel after Christ’s ascension and the gift of the Spirit at Pentecost (Minus Judas).  The only condition in making disciples is being one yourself!  It takes one to grow one.  God is calling you and me to reflect His character to a world that is groping in darkness.  Are you willing to go on all in with God in Christ and become a fully devoted disciple-maker today?  We are not just disciples, but disciples making disciples.  A disciple not making disciples is like the fresh water flowing into the Dead Sea with no escape.  It sits and becomes useless and dead.  Drink from God’s living water this morning and let it flow into the lives of others for His glory.