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Loving Service for the Kingdom

Thoughts by Pastor Brad...

The end of all things is at hand; therefore, be sober and prayerfully keep watch. 1 Peter 4:7. Ellen White comments on this passage of scripture; “The value of our time and our talents can be estimated only by the greatness of the ransom paid for our redemption. What ingratitude we manifest toward God when we rob Him of His own by withholding from Him our affections and our service! Is it too much to give ourselves to Him who has sacrificed all for us?” (Reflecting Christ, 10/8).  Notice that we are called to show gratitude or thanks to God with our affections and service.  Affections refer to our time of devotion in Bible study and prayer, cultivating a life with God in Christ.  Service is an outgrowth of these growing affections for God.  The Tampa First nominating committee is laboring to find workers and leaders for God’s kingdom.  It seems that close to 10% of our people are doing 90% of God’s work in the church.  What is wrong?  Is it spiritual?  Are we too busy building up our lives in the shifting sand of the world?  God paid the ransom for our sins in Christ and we are called to build our lives on that Rock alone.  Cultivate and grow Your life with God daily and listen to His voice calling you to use your talents for His glory today.