My Way or God’s Way

My Way or God’s Way?

Ellen White wrote an article in the Review and Herald back in February 23, 1892 with the title “My Own Way.” In the context of living a life in the Lord, Ellen White shares a challenging statement: “But One says, ‘Can’t I have my own way and act myself?’ No, you cannot have your own way and enter the kingdom of heaven. No “my way” will be there. No human ways will find a place in the kingdom of heaven. Our ways must be lost in God’s ways.”

Do you find this quote to be challenging? What is Ellen White trying to say? I believe that she is talking about bearing the fruit of salvation through a life of self-surrender. We are by nature children of wrath and need God through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ to change our hearts. Once we are born again by the Holy Spirit, then we are called to give up our lives to be absorbed into His will and good pleasure. This does not mean that God refuses to work with our personalities and characters, but His will must be meshed with ours as we walk in stride with the Spirit. The man who came into the wedding feast in Matthew Chapter 22 with his own garment was cast out because he refused to wear the robe provided that represents Jesus’ righteousness. Let us all commit ourselves to living the life of surrender as the hymn shares:
“Not I, but Christ”.