Daily Living

Our Children Taking the Lead

Thoughts by Pastor Brad

Ellen White shares in this morning’s devotional Reflecting Christ; “God gives all an opportunity in this life to develop character. All may fill their appointed place in His great plan. The Lord accepted Samuel from his very childhood, because his heart was pure, and he had reverence for God. He was given to God, a consecrated offering, and the Lord made him, even in his childhood, a channel of light.”  Samuel was trained from his birth by his mother and father to serve the Lord.  He went to serve in the tabernacle with Eli the priest at a young age and it became apparent that he was chosen by God to bring Israel back in a right relationship with Him.  God spoke to Samuel directly when even Eli’s mind was dulled by the the sins in Israel.  We are called like Samuel’s parents in the home, at church, and in our schools to prepare our children to lead TODAY.  It takes a village to raise up a child the call is out to all members to step up in this village to participate in growing our children in Christ. God bless