Our Daily Bread

In the book, Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing, Ellen White expounds on the Sermon on the Mount and comes to the Lord’s prayer.  In this prayer we are called to ask God to “give us our daily bread today”.  Ellen White shares, “In communion with Christ, through prayer and the study of the great and precious truths of His Word, we shall as hungry souls be fed; as those that thirst, we shall be refreshed at the fountain of life (p. 113).

Are you satisfied with God’s daily provisions?  You can’t be satisfied with God’s provisions for your temporal needs until you tap into His nutrients for your spiritual needs.  When we are bathed in the presence of Jesus Christ, we are cleansed of our selfish desires and filled with the passion for His supply.  Most in the world would consider God’s provisions for His people to be quite meager, but spiritual things are spiritually discerned.  Drink from the fountain of the Lord and feast on His word and he will satisfy the desires of your heart that is in tune with His vision for your life.