Thoughts by Pastor Brad

Our Rock of Ages

Psalm 34:15 says; The eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous, and his ears are open unto their cry.  Ellen White comments on this passage in today’s reading of Reflecting Christ by saying; Let us plant our feet upon the Rock of Ages and then we will have abiding support and consolation. Our soul will repose in God with unshaken confidence.  Where is the source of your confidence today?  It must be planted in the Rock of Ages or your confidence will turn to fear.  Jesus finished the Sermon on the Mount by telling a parable of two builders.  One built his house on the sand and it crumbled when the stormy tide buffeted its walls.  The other built his house on the rock and it was not shaken by the storms.  We must build our lives on the Rock Ages, Jesus Christ.  He died for our sins and now lives to intercede for us in heavenly places.  Everything on this earth will soon come to an end, but those who build on the eternal Rock will live forever.