Pastor’s Page

Into the Depths of God

So many are prone to play it safe with God and not venture into His glorious depths which are so foreign to our human natures.  Oswald Chambers shares that if we don’t cut the lines that tie us to the dock, God will use a storm to sever them and send you out to sea and swells of His purpose.  Are you playing it safe today with God?  What is keeping you from going out the glorious depths in Christ?  Maybe past hurt or loss?  Could it be that you are afraid of the depths?  Trust in the Lord.  Cut the dies of your own self-security and allow Jesus to take you to places that you would never dream possible!  Lord, give us the faith to go where you want us to go for your glory, AMEN.

Some Important Reminders and Prayer Requests
  • Remember Joanne NeSmith and her family as she lost her brother Eddie this past week.
  • Keep Ophni Desamour and his family in your prayers as he continues treatment for cancer.
  • Pastor Roly and Yessica as they adjust to their new life with baby Janet.
  • Our new school North Tampa Christian Academy
  • Our country and the world that is in turmoil.
  • Dennis Barthle as his brother Dana died suddenly at a young age.
  • The Combie family suffering the loss of a father and husband.
  • Remember our Prayer Vigil this Saturday night from 8-12.  Come join us for the entire time or just for a portion of time as we seek the Lord’s guidance.
May God bless you and keep you.

Pastor Brad