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Put out the Fire

Thoughts by Pastor Brad...

Proverbs 26:20 says; Fire goes out without wood, and quarrels disappear when gossip stops.  Many are dealing with devastating fires in California that is a combination of drought, dry underbrush, and sparks from dated electrical lines.  These fires do not discriminate as both poor and rich are being forced to leave their homes including Lebron James and his family.  The Proverb this morning shares the importance of gossip in fueling the fire of quarrels.  Many people gossip to bring attention to their juicy knowledge about others.  Gossip fuels the tabloids from Hollywood to the Royal Family in England which are not united with the marriage of Harry and Meghan.  Social media fuels the fire of gossip as well, tearing apart close friends.  God calls us to put out the fire of quarrels by stopping the gossip.  The church is not immune to gossip as some spread news in the context of “we need to pray for them”.  If you are prone to talk about others, pray for God to give you the victory over this terrible habit.  Bad news travels fast because of gossip.  Stop the gossip and replace it with the Good News of Jesus Christ this morning.