Thoughts by Pastor Brad...

Proverbs 27:3 says; A stone is heavy, and sand is weighty, but the resentment caused by a fool is even heavier.  I read this Proverb this morning and realized that I have harbored resentment and it weighed me down like a heavy stone wrapped around my neck.  I did some soul searching with God and asked for Him to reveal any areas where I was playing the fool and keeping resentment toward others or even toward the Lord Himself.  It is easy in our humanity to harbor resentment during times of trial when our focus is on the things of this world.  In Ezekiel 14, God calls the people of Judah to cast away the idols they had set up in their hearts.  We set up idols in our hearts with a focus and on the things of this world and it brings resentment when they are taken away.  We must commit to seeking God first and lay all our burdens down at the feet of Jesus who saved us by His blood and who is coming back to take us home to heaven.  Give all your burdens and resentments to the Lord and you will experience the peace and inner joy that the world can never give.