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Resist the Devil

Thoughts by Pastor Brad...

James 4:7 says; So humble yourselves before God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.  The context of this passage deals with our call to minister in the world without being tainted by the world.  Evil is all around us and with it comes great temptation.  James says that we must humble ourselves before God if we ever want the power to resist the devil.  We can’t resist Satan on our own as he will squash us like a bug.  But if we surrender to God, the indwelling Spirit wielding the power of the Cross will give us the power to resist the devil His full armor of defense.  Satan has no other choice but to flee from us when we are cleansed of sin and filled with the Holy Spirit because he is a defeated foe.  Don’t let Satan win today.  Surrender to the Lord and He will give you the power to resist the devil who will be forced to high tail it out of your presence.