Thoughts by Pastor Brad


Amos 5:13 says; Do what is good and run from evil so that you may live!  Then the Lord God of Heaven’s Armies will be your helper, just as you have claimed.  In the classic movie Forest Gump, young forest wore leg braces and was severely taunted by the boys from school.  In one scene, the boys ran up to Forrest and started throwing rocks at him.  His friend Ginny said the famous words; “Run Forest, Run!”  Forrest ran and the braces on his legs seem to explode off his legs as he began to run normally and very fast.  Forrest Gump was a movie filled with the fantastic and unreal, but God wants us to run from evil and sin in our lives.  Joseph fled the presence of Potiphar’s wife when she wanted to have sex with him because he already committed to purity in his covenant with the Lord.  If you have accepted Jesus as your Savior, then God calls you to a life of surrender where the indwelling power of the Spirit will give you the power of our heavenly Commander and Chief to overcome and thrive.  Commit your life to the Lord in surrender and when temptation comes, “Run Christian, Run!” into the arms of Jesus.