Sick for God

Thoughts by Pastor Brad

Song of Solomon chapter 5 verse 8 shares the distress of the bride when her lover is gone when she was too late in getting the to door when he knocked.  The bride pleads with the women of the town to help her find her husband for she is sick with love.  Have you ever missed one someone you loved to the point of feeling physically ill?  This portrait in Song of Solomon reveals the relationship between Christ and his people.  Do you feel sick when you drift from the Lord and yearn to go back to Him?  Jesus says in Matthew 5; “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled.”  If you don’t eat you get hunger pangs to the point of feeling sick.  Are you hungering after Jesus today?  Is that hunger growing as your life of surrender to Him grows?  The blessing of hungering after God and being sick when you are apart is found when we become ill over the injustices and pain in our world today.  If we are truly connecting with God, then we will feel His pain for the lost and the hurting.  When we experience this intimacy with God, we will fall on our knees and pray for our city, our country, our world, and all those who are suffering under needless oppression.  I pray that we all experience love sickness for God and for those who are hurting and need Him in their lives today.