Spiritual Battles

Thoughts from Pastor Roly...

As I read through the book of Job, I realized how vulnerable and human his struggle was. Here you have a great man who just loved God and who in a moment’s time, lost everything he had:


Despite this, we see that throughout the book , Job struggles with the idea of God’s justice. Is God just? Why is he allowing me to go through this pain? In his conversations with his friends , he is trying to defend his honor, defend himself as a just man who does not deserve any of his afflictions. In an emotional speech he says God seems to ignore those who are evil and prosper ( Job 24), yet at the same time, he clings to God, knowing that his Redeemer Lives (Job 19:25) . Little did Job know that what he was experiencing was not about him but a small part of the Great Controversy between Christ and Satan. We tend to think that our our battles and our pains are the biggest pains, forgetting the spiritual battle that our Lord is waging at the universal level. We wrongly accuse for our ills and not the real enemy. Job wanted answers, yet he was not privy to the counsel of heaven, he was not privy to the greatest battle of all time. He questioned God, he felt abandoned he felt defeated. Despite this, he never let go, he loved the Lord more than anything and he never turned away from him despite not understanding him. I don’t know what your spiritual battles are, it may feel like you are losing. You might not understand why God allows certain situations to occur, but just like Job, we only see a tiny percentage of the picture. Will we trust God? Will we allow him to lead our lives despite of the struggles? May God give us the strength to always be faithful to him and trust him during our storms .