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The New Covenant

Thoughts by Pastor Brad...

The author of Hebrews spends extensive time to affirm Jesus as our High Priest in heaven after the order of Melchizedek who was the priest that Abram gave his tithe after a victory over his enemies.  Melchizedek just showed up on the Biblical scene then left and there was no more record of him.  The writer of Hebrews shares that Jesus was not from the line of priests, but God placed him human history to redeem the lost and become our Intercessor in heavenly places.  We have full access to God through the merits of Jesus Christ.  The book of Hebrews also mentions in chapter 8 that God has established a new covenant in Christ not just with Him being our perfect High Priest, but also that He wants to write His law in our hearts.  God uses His law to convict us of sin and then He etches them in our lives when we confess and surrender to His authority!  This means we can live righteously through the power of God and the indwelling Spirit.  Let’s hold fast to our confession of faith and come boldly to God’s throne of grace through prayer in the name of Jesus.  God craves an intimate relationship with us.  May God bless us on this journey of faith today.