Who We Are...

Our church follows the gospel commission to make disciples of all people. As a multi-cultural and multi-generational church, there are many opportunities for our members to share in that gospel commission. This is exemplified in our mission which states to love others, nurture others, and to equip and empower our members to serve others. Having a servants heart for our community and partnering with other organizations to expand the mission, has only increased the focus of our church to fulfill the gospel commission that we have been given.





In 1894, the first Adventist church was born in the Tampa Bay area with a charter group of 12 members who heeded the gospel commission to “go”. This adventurous group set out to spread the gospel to this wonderful community. Sharing the Sabbath with others traveling on unpaved streets, members came together by the means of the day, bicycle or horse. Meeting in a Presbyterian church chapel, the little group continued to grow. As the church grew, the needs of the youth in the community continued to press on the hearts of the members. An attempt at a small school took place in the 1890’s led by Mr. B.D. Gullet but after his departure the school folded until a more permanent fixture was implemented in 1917. As the first teacher of what is now Tampa Adventist Academy, Euhemia Taeger established a 1 room class out of a garage and our school now serves students from preKindergarten to high school Senior.
Tampa First has had locations on Marion Street worshiping in the Presbyterian church, then moved to Florida Avenue and Gladys, to Nebraska and 121st, and a brief period in the school gymnasium while the church at our present location was being built where we had our grand opening on 8/7/71.
In more recent history, our school Tampa Adventist Academy (TAA) has expanded from serving preKindergarten to Tenth grade to adding a much needed Junior and Senior class. Our first official graduating class is in 2017, celebrating the centennial of when our school first opened. 2018 brought TAA to a close and brought forth a new school North Tampa Christian Academy. In partnership with the Florida Conference of Seventh day Adventists and Advent Health, this school is a beacon to a new community that it serves bordering Hillsborourgh and Pasco counties.
In 2014 we assisted with the expansion of our church in the area with the launch of Life Spring in the New Tampa/Wesley Chapel area.
Our church looks forward to continued growth and expansion to spread the Word of God in the Tampa area in the years to come!